The Need to Persist


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Guest post by Mico.

On Look East, the BBC’s local news service covering Cambridge – where William has become a university student despite grades spectacularly below the entry requirements – there was inevitably a large segment dedicated to this story. Equally inevitable was the presence of a few vox pops of unashamed admiration – save for one of ambivalence – about the presence of William at the university. Credit where due, objection that he was entered with drastically lower grades was mentioned, but it was then bizarrely followed by the claim that this objection has been “withdrawn”.

Whilst the package was the usual expertly crafted Clarence House package regurgitated by a network unbelievably inept at logical, rational thought, it did shine a ray of hope onto the collective faces of eastern Republicans. This was, in my own analysis, an acknowledgement that the actions of William have, in even the smallest way, invoked the question of “Why?” in the minds of the public. The BBC felt it important to mention that he was admitted when any others wouldn’t have been, and the unexplained dismissal of such a claim is evidence that the biggest threat to monarchy is not republicanism, but themselves.

We see in Spain, where recent polls have shown a minority now believe in the monarchy, a hierarchy extremely damaged by allegations made of Infanta Cristana of tax evasion and money laundering. We see damage done to the institution and a revolution of public opinion that would simply be impossible were it not for the foolish actions of foolish people. It is, therefore, important for newspapers, Republic, or any other organization truly dedicated to democracy to establish links within the gears of monarchy – and thus bypassing FOIA exceptions.

The image of monarchy is carefully administered by media bodies and a cult of personality only rivaled by that of Ataturk in Turkey or the Kim dynasty of Korea. Seldom do we hear Kate speak – Woe betide she have a thought not pre-calculated by PR specialists or media aficionados. You see William, but not the bald patch. You see Harry in his army fatigues, not the Nazi ones he shamelessly wore in public.

One final, and more senior acknowledgement of the danger of monarchy unto itself is the need for the government to clarify that the Treason Felony Act of 1848 hasn’t become null and void – that by simply writing this I’ve condemned myself to a lifetime of penal servitude – is an acknowledgement that the only way to subdue Republicanism is to attempt to exterminate it.

There is no better way to enhance the inevitable gallop of Republicanism than to be visible – Write, talk, shout, scream – Do not sacrifice the momentum established thus far for the Republic by being afraid to advocate for democracy.


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