The Way Forward


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“The way forward”

I understand the potential negative side effects that this could have, and truthfully I mean no offence to either Graham Smith or the organisation he heads, Republic.

The successes of Republic, especially in an environment and system heavily stacked against antimonarchism and change, have performed well. It’s clear that Republic contains talented campaigners by the few fleeting appearances on the BBC. As a source of Republican literature, it also serves an important purpose – as a response to almost universal media blackout.

However, in terms of a group able to perform direct action, the Republican movement is desperately in need of a new force. Ignoring the difficulties of appropriating a single adjective as the name of your group, it is also very much the informational, academic face of Republicanism – and that’s fine, but if we are to progress as a movement a distinction must be made between the academic and the active.

Before we all get jumpy about the words “active” and “Republicanism” in the same sentence and I read these words in the Royal Mail, I’m in no way advocating violence. What I am advocating, however, is an antimonarchist organisation in charge of organising direct action and protests whilst being completely segregated from Republic, except for sharing literature and a common goal. For those worried about fragmentation, I am also not advocating – if it wasn’t already clear enough – an organisation to challenge Republic. This’d be absolutely aimless, even if we had widespread problems with Republic.

Anybody interested in this should post to /r/britishrepublicans on Reddit or email to register an interest. Maybe we can be the change we wish to see in the world.




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